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Brett Favre. . .the Obsession Continues

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As we saw for all those years in Green Bay and now with the Vikings, the Brett Favre circus never really stops.  The funniest part about it to me is the fact that the same media members that obsess over Favre's every move are often the ones that lament how much press the guy gets.

Take for example the story by Ed Werder of a couple of weeks ago that "broke" the "news" that Favre would need ankle surgery if he wanted to play in 2010.  Sure, fine, this is a legitimate story.  Or, at least, it would have been if it had been based on anything resembling facts.  What ended up happening was Favre coming out within an hour or so saying that any surgery that would be necessary would essentially be a clean-up and that he could play in 2010 with or without the surgery.  But in between, if you follow some of the NFL media hierarchy via Twitter and other means. . .Adam Schefter, most notably. . .they were taking some jabs at Favre for, apparently, "needing" to get his name back in the media.

Yes, because I'm certain that Favre called Ed Werder and told him something like that so that he could come out and shoot it down minutes later.  That makes plenty of sense.

See, the thing is that the media collectively groans about the coverage Favre gets, all the while seemingly being unable to admit that they created this monster.  And for all the talk of whether Favre is coming back for 2010 or not, I've yet to hear a single Viking fan. . .on this site, in any case. . .getting wrapped up in any of the "drama" that's associated with it.  I mean, his coach has come out and said he can take all the time he needs to decide. . .his teammates have said that he can take all the time he needs to decide. . .and, having watched Favre all these years, we know full well that he's going to take as long as he damn well pleases to decide.  He might be there for training camp, he might miss training camp. . .and missing camp certainly was disastrous for him last year, huh. . .nobody knows for sure.

But the only people that matter on that front are Favre's Minnesota Vikings teammates and the Minnesota Vikings' coaching staff.  It doesn't matter what Packer fans or Bear fans think. . .those teams have enough issues of their own to deal with. . .it doesn't matter what the blogosphere thinks, and it certainly doesn't matter what the national media thinks.  There's no "drama."  The Minnesota Vikings will play football in 2010 with or without Brett Favre, and they'll be a damn good football team with or without Brett Favre.

The only "drama" is created by those that are endlessly and hopelessly obsessed with the man.  And, really. . .whose fault is that?

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