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Darren Sharper Confirms What We Already Knew

The former Minnesota Viking and current New Orleans Saint put an interesting little blurb on his Twitter account yesterday after word of Brett Favre's ankle surgery came out.

Well y'all seen Brett had surgery on that ankle we got after in the championship game. Come Thursday night 1st game. X marks the spot.

The only conclusion that one can draw. . .other than that those "English as a Second Language" courses don't appear to be paying off for Darren quite yet. . .is that the Saints defense was, indeed, blatantly targeting Favre's ankle and blatantly attempting to injure him back in January.

Again. . .nothing we didn't already know.  I can't blame the Saints for going with such a game plan. . .475 yards of offense for Minnesota that night shows that their defense has no chance of stopping the Vikings (or even slowing them down) when they're at full strength.

I'm guessing that, since nothing has greatly changed personnel-wise since then, the game plan on 9 September will be remarkably similar.  I'd suggest that there should be some other body parts that have a big "X" on them that evening. . .Sharper's recently repaired knee, Reggie Bush's ankles, among others. . .but I'm guessing that the Vikings won't need to stoop to that level.

And even if they were to lower themselves that far. . .they sure as hell wouldn't be dumb enough to say it out loud for the entire world to see.