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Albert Haynesworth Reportedly Interested in Joining Minnesota Vikings

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Apologies for a bit of a lull over the past couple of days, but after the laughable decision that came down on Thursday, yours truly hasn't been in much of a football mood.  However, there is something (potentially) on the horizon that might make things a whole lot better.

According to ESPN 1500 in the Twin Cities, current Washington Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth is reportedly interested in joining the Minnesota Vikings.

If you'll remember, Haynesworth had a monster season for the Tennessee Titans in 2008, and cashed in big time by signing a deal that is "worth" $100 million over seven years with the Redskins that off-season.  The contract contained $41 million in guaranteed money, and a bunch of stuff that Haynesworth would never, ever actually see.  But, hey. . .$100 million sounds a whole lot more impressive than $41 million, so there you go.

The Redskins were reportedly trying to deal Haynesworth in the days leading up to the 2010 NFL Draft, and the asking price was said to be a second-round draft choice.  If the stupid, arbitrary suspensions levied by the NFL against Pat Williams and Kevin Williams are allowed to stand, I would do that deal without thinking twice if I'm the Minnesota Vikings.  Particularly in light of the fact that Pat and Kevin could be allowed to serve their suspensions separately rather than both of them having to sit at the same time, as was talked about when there was talk of the New Orleans Saints losing Will Smith and Charles Grant at the same time.  (Of course, that's the Saints.  Since we're talking about the Vikings hoping for this to happen, the chances if it going down are every bit as good as the chances of Roger Goodell once again telling the Vikings to go screw themselves.)

But let's pretend that it would actually happen that way.  If that were to happen, for the first four games, the Vikings could be starting Haynesworth next to Pat Williams at defensive tackle.  For the next four, we'd see Haynesworth out there with Kevin Williams.  And in the eight games to close out the season, the Vikings would have a three-man tackle rotation unlike anything the NFL has seen in. . .well, maybe ever, but certainly in a long damn time.  Even if Pat and Kevin were suspended at the same time, Haynesworth could work with Jimmy Kennedy, Fred Evans, and Letroy Guion to hold down the middle for those first four games. . .which, considering that Pat is generally only a two-down player these days anyway, might not give us that big a drop-off after all.  And then from Game 5 through Game 16, Kevin Williams, Pat Williams, and Albert Haynesworth could strike down upon opposing offensive lines with great vengeance and furious anger.

As far as Haynesworth's contract is concerned, we really wouldn't have a whole lot to worry about as far as money goes.  According to the story that ESPN put out as soon as Haynesworth's deal was signed, he was scheduled to make $32 million of his guaranteed $41 million in the first 13 months of the contract.  Since we're already past that point, Minnesota's obligation to Haynesworth would be for two years at a cost of about nine million dollars, according to this breakdown of his contract.

Guaranteed Money:

- Signing Bonus: $5M

- 2009 guaranteed P5 salary: $6M

- Option Bonus: $21M

- 2010 guaranteed P5 salary: $3.6M

- 2011 guaranteed P5 salary: $5.4M

TOTALING: $41M guaranteed

And, as I said, the first three items on that list have been graciously taken care of by the Redskins already, leaving the Vikings to (potentially) take care of the guaranteed 2010 and 2011 salaries listed above.  (Read the rest of the story at the link and see how the rest of the money is broken down.  Then laugh at Daniel Snyder.)

But if there is a potential upside to the idiotic suspensions levied by the NFL against Pat and Kevin Williams, this could be it.  While some people might think that Haynesworth's motivation could be a problem, as long as Karl Dunbar is the Minnesota Vikings' defensive line coach, I don't see motivation as being a problem for anybody at that position at any time.

I think this is a move the Vikings should most definitely consider making.  What do you folks think?

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