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Adrian Peterson is Working On His Fumbles After All

Anyone that saw the Vikings last season knows full well that Adrian Peterson's ball handling needs to be his number one priority.  After all, the guy ran for 1,383 yards and 18 touchdowns in 2009, yet all anybody seems to want to talk about is his nine fumbles, six of which were lost.  (Isn't it amazing having a player that has set the bar so high that nearly 1,400 yards and 18 touchdowns brings more criticism than praise?)

Fortunately for us, it looks like Peterson has taken that advice to heart, as he's been lugging a 14-pound football around during the off-season activities that the Vikings have been conducting recently.  And, as Solomon Wilcots says in the video there, if you can secure a 14-pound football, it stands to reason that you can secure it when you have defenders ripping away at it.

I have the feeling that the "problems" that Adrian Peterson has had with fumbles will be a thing of the past after this season.  After all, there's a list of players with some pretty big names on it that have had more fumbles through their first three NFL seasons than Adrian Peterson has. . .Walter Payton's name is on it.  Barry Sanders appears on that list, too.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the best running back in the National Football League is doing what it takes to get even better. . .good news for us, bad news for the rest of the NFC North and the rest of the NFL.