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SBNation Minnesota Will Change Your Life

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Or at least the way you see Minnesota sports, in any case.

Yes, if you've been checking out the main homepage. . .and if you haven't, shame on you. . .you've seen that June is going to be a huge month for the network, as they will be launching twenty regional hub sites over the course of the month.  The first six have already gone up, representing Arizona, Boston, Chicago, DC, Detroit, and New York.

Another place that's getting its own regional site?  Hey, how about Minnesota?  Yeah, how 'bout Minnesota!

On June 16th, the good folks at SBNation will be launching SBNation Minnesota.  It's going to be a central jumping-off point for breaking news about Minnesota sports, along with the insight and commentary that you've come to expect from the individual Minnesota SBNation team sites. . .not just the Daily Norseman, but also sites like Twinkie Town, Canis Hoopus, Hockey Wilderness, and The Daily Gopher.  It's going to put the best of those sites and the best Minnesota sports-related stories from the rest of the internet in one easily accessible, easy to navigate place

You know what else is on June 16th?  That SBNation Minnesota meet-up event at Hubert's near Target Field that I mentioned a few days ago.  Coincidence?  You decide.

dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

But we hope that all of you good folks out there make SBNation Minnesota as big a part of your sports reading routine as you have for The Daily Norseman and all the other Minnesota-based SBNation site.  As we all know, Minnesota is the home of the best damn fans in sports, and that's why we know that all of you are going to help make the new regional site a success.

So, mark your calendars, ladies and gentlemen. . .next week, the way you get your Minnesota sports information is going to change for the better.