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Yeah, Favre Is Coming Back

Of course, most of us know this already.  Hell, everybody in America outside of Green Bay, Wisconsin and Bristol, Connecticut seems to have caught on to that fact already.

However, if there was still any doubt. . .

The latest indication has been the fact Favre has been throwing to wide receivers at Oak Grove High School in Hattiesburg, Miss. Favre did the same thing last year as he attempted to decide whether to join the Vikings.

Nevil Barr, the coach at Oak Grove, said that Favre was on the field Thursday morning throwing passes to the high school receivers. According to Barr, Favre began making occasional appearances at the high school to throw shortly after he underwent arthroscopic surgery on his left ankle in late May.

Yes. . .I, for one, am shocked and amazed by this revelation.

Yes, America, the NFC North's best quarterback will be back in 2010, and he'll be the NFC North's best quarterback again this year, too.

The rest of the division is already playing for second place, much like they were by August last year after Favre signed with the Vikings.  Isn't that a nice feeling?