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Happy Fourth Birthday To Us!

The 10th of July has a special significance in our house.  My oldest brother has a birthday today, and so does my wife's daughter.  It also happens to be the first day that there was a post placed on this little piece of real estate on the internet.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, 10 July 2006 was the date of the first ever post on The Daily Norseman.  It was just a couple of weeks before training camp, just as it is now (surprisingly enough).  We were waiting for the signing of a couple of kids fresh out of college named Cedric Griffin and Chad Greenway, and not long after training camp started, we got the drama that was Koren Robinson going down the interstate at 100+ miles an hour while drunk.

Since its inception, this site has seen 2,615,978 hits (according to the latest readings on my little dashboard here, anyway).  It has seen one Vikings coach in Brad Childress, and six different Vikings' starting quarterbacks (Brad Johnson, Tarvaris Jackson, Brooks Bollinger, Kelly Holcomb, Gus Frerotte, and Brett Favre).  This site has provided coverage of 36 Vikings' regular season wins, 28 regular season losses, two NFC North division championships, and three post-season games.  We've seen two Offensive Rookies of the Year (Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin), the Jared Allen trade, the Troy Williamson Error Era, and the importing of a player that many would have thought impossible just a few years ago.

I want to thank everyone that's contributed to the site as a co-writer over the past four years. . .the current crew of Ted and Eric, as well as Anthony and Andrew, who contributed a lot of good stuff before other commitments took them away from the site.  As always, I want to thank SBNation for taking a chance on some guy that was just a schmuck with a personal blog back in 2006 and trusting him to be a part of the biggest and best sports writing network going today, bar none.  Most of all, I want to thank you folks out there that take time out of your day to make The Daily Norseman a part of your internet routine and your routine for finding news and information about your favorite team.

The ride, quite frankly, is far from over.  This team is in for another big season in 2010, and we're going to be here for every step of it.  Hopefully all of you will be as well, and hopefully all of you will be bringing friends as well.

Enjoy what little of your Saturday is left, and we'll be back here for Sunday as well.