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The Vikings' Madden '11 Ratings Are Out

Yes, it's getting to be the time of year where the latest reincarnation of the Madden football series hits the store shelves.  (And, yes, I realize that it's nothing more than a roster update for the most part, but it's still sells huge.)  So, it only makes sense that this is the point in time where the individual player ratings are released, and ESPN has finally given the Vikings their exposure.  As one would expect, the Vikings are the highest-rated team in the NFC North. . .which is generally what happens when you have the most talent. . .and one of the highest rated teams in the game with an 88 overall rating.

As detailed previously, Jared Allen is one of only six players in the entire game with the coveted 99 overall rating, and Adrian Peterson is right behind him at 98.  In fact, the Vikings have eight players rated at 90 overall or higher. . .they are:

DE Jared Allen - 99
RB Adrian Peterson - 98
LG Steve Hutchinson - 97
DT Kevin Williams - 97
QB Brett Favre - 92
K Ryan Longwell - 92
WR Sidney Rice - 90
LT Bryant McKinnie - 90

Playing with the Vikings in Madden this year will be an enjoyable experience once again, as its been for the past few years.  Crushing defense and a high-flying offense generally make for the best Madden teams, and the 2010 Minnesota Vikings will have plenty of both.

Speaking of video game football, I still want to get a review of Backbreaker up here at some point, but I have another PS3 game I'm trying to get finished off before we move out west.  I'll see if I can't get both knocked out here in the near future.  Until then, continue enjoying the rest of your Tuesday, and we'll see you back here again soon!