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Training Camp Updates, Morning Edition

There were some interesting developments during the morning session in Mankato. One was a 'Welcome to the NFL' moment, one was worthy of note, and one was potentially dreadful. Let's get right to it

Percy Harvin was removed from the practice field on a cart. According to Tom Pelissero of 1500 ESPN out of Minneapolis, we shouldn't be too concerned about the Vikings using a cart, as they use it for virtually everything, minor and major, during the two a days:

Not too much should be read into the significance of the cart, which the Vikings use liberally. Earlier in practice, reserve cornerback Benny Sapp was carted to the cool-down tent because of apparent heat-related issues but returned for team drills.

Toby Gerhart got smoked by Pat Williams in the big hit of the morning. And Pat Williams didn't (expletive) care:

"I don't care who it is, man," Williams said. "This ain't college no more. They're grown mans out there. (Expletive.) Paying these college boys like they already played before, so (expletive), we just show 'em. This is a different breed out there. This is grown men. It ain't boys no more. But they pay 'em like they done played in the NFL now."

(Expletive)-A, Pat.

Judd Zulgad said Gerhart played the role of respectful rookie well, though:

"It's expected," Gerhart said of the hits. "I feel like I'm playing football again."

Way to not be a Dez Bryant, Toby. I like that he knows this is part of being a rookie. I think the vets will notice that, too, and he will earn their respect sooner rather than later.

One more tidbit from Judd:

Ray Small, Darius Reynaud and Harvin worked on punt returns. Reynaud, who has been moved to running back, held that job for much of last season.

I find that interesting, especially for Reynaud. I thought with his switch to RB, Reynaud would have a trump card because he was the incumbent punt returner. This could be a big dral, or this could be nothing. It could be nothing more than some guys getting reps to see who could do it in case Reynaud was injured. But, if he is being seriously challenged for the PR job, his chance at making the 53 man roster might have become a little bit more difficult.