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Where's Percy?

Nobody seems to know for sure when Percy Harvin is going to return to Vikings training camp.

He has missed 15 consecutive practices and hasn't practiced in the month of August since leaving the team after the death of his grandmother. Harvin is apparently in Eden Prairie but isn't back practicing in Mankato, and he may not return there at all since Thursday is the final day of training camp practices. Judd Zulgad of the Strib says that Childress confirmed the grumblings that Harvin is once again suffering from migraines. Here's what Chilly had to say about how the Vikings are dealing with it:

It's ongoing...from the people at Mayo that are extremely qualified, there is a Mayo down in Jacksonville. He's seen neurologists. It's just something that continues on. The only thing that would be wrong is if we quit trying to find things and throw our hands up in the air. It's kind of an inexact science if you will.

Oh, just super.

Anyone who followed last season at all remembers the constant drama surrounding Harvin's playing status due to migraines. (I'll spare you the corny "it happened so often, it gave all of us migraines" joke. Oh crap, maybe not.) Childress himself can only wait patiently and hope Harvin doesn't miss any game time so he can be the multi-faceted threat we drafted him to be. Unfortunately, all we fans can do is sit and wait as well.

My not-so-far-fetched conspiracy theory: Harvin's fine and he's just playing possum until training camp breaks. After all, he does have a pretty good example in Brett Favre, amiright?!