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It's Schism Gate II!!! And A Comment About Harvin's Situation

With all the scary news about Percy Harvin, there's another story that's, if I had to guess, about 99% Bravo Sierra, yet ESPN continues to push it as hard as ABC tries to push 'The View' as quality television.  Stop me if you've heard this before, but the arrival of Brett Favre has caused a 'schism' yet again.  Look, it's not my style to bash the press.  A lot of the stuff that people report regarding the NFL is good info, but for some reason they just go nuts regarding Favre.  It's gotten to the point where I'd rather watch this guy do sports every night:

Or Harry Caray talking the solar system.

The media has this love-hate thing going on with Favre, and they swear that his legacy is damaged, but then turn around and say, once he's decided to play, that he will go down as the greatest of all time. 

They will say that he's the Vikings only chance to go to the Super Bowl, then will turn around in the next breath to say that the Vikings, even with Favre, aren't the best team in their division. 

He's a diva, but then once he's on the field, he's just a kid who loves to play the game.

He's one play from breaking down, then they marvel at his ability to make a throw.

Okay, I'm done commenting about that.  Forever.  My schism has been cured.

Now, about Percy Harvin.  This is a serious issue, and yeah, it affects the football team, but we're talking about a young man with a quality of life issue, and I hope, that for his sake, he finds some relief for what is becoming a more serious issue by the day. 

Many of you here at DN have given possible remedies for migraines, and those of us that suffer, or have suffered from them, know that what works for one person has no affect for another.  What triggers a migraine in one person doesn't for someone else.  The severity and length of migraines vary as well, and from the sound of it, Harvin's got the worst situation possible when i comes to onset, severity, and duration.   

I have them, and with some good medicine and knowing what triggers them, I can pretty much avoid them.  But my case isn't everybody else's case. 

It sounds like Harvin and the team are doing everything they can to try and find a solution, and for Percy's sake, I hope they find something that will allow him to enjoy a pain free life, with or without football.

Good luck to you Percy, we're all hoping for a remedy for you.