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Your Monday Open Thread

Hey everybody,  how was the weekend?  The Vikes opened training camp on Friday with one practice.  They had two on Saturday, one yesterday, and are scheduled for six straight two-a days beginning today.  In an unrelated note Brett Favre was seen at Baskin Robbins yesterday, silently chuckling to himself.  After the jump, I've got some article dumps, and use this thread to discuss today's VIkings news, questions, or comments.  Follow me, follow me to freedom!

Some Dilbert has suggested what the top 5 storylines are for training camp.  Personally, I think the guys is a dope...

Bryant McKinnie has been one of our most talked about Vikings here at DN.  Tom Pelissero of 1500 ESPN thinks he might be getting it.  I'll be impressed in December.

Speaking of impressive, this draft class has been one of the least talked about in recent memory.  Chris Cook is trying hard to change that.

Continuing the 'Everything is Duckies and Bunnies' theme, Chad Greenway has had a strong start to training camp, too.

Chad Courier of the Mankato Free Press (via the Bahstan Herald) thinks the fan base doesn't have a lot of buzz this season.  I think he's full of crap.

Great article by Brian Murphy of the Pioneer Press regarding the history of StarCaps and the NFL.  Yeah, the NFL was way in the wrong about this in regards to Kevin and Pat Williams.

Contract problems?  What contract problems?

And finally, in the 'This is Why Soccer Sucks' department, at least we're not on the North Korean Soccer team.

Enjoy your Monday, folks!