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E.J. Henderson To Start On Sunday Night. . .Oh, And That Favre Guy, Too

Buried in the article about Brett Favre getting "about ten plays" when the Vikings take on the Niners tomorrow night is this incredible news.

Middle linebacker E.J. Henderson, who suffered a fractured femur last December, will make his first appearance this preseason and play with most of the defensive starters in the first quarter.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, as we've said numerous times throughout this pre-season. . .#56 being back on the field in ANY capacity, let alone as the starting middle linebacker for the Minnesota Vikings, is nothing short of miraculous in light of what happened to him on that fateful night in Arizona last December.

This truly speaks to E.J. Henderson's determination, and shows why he is one of the leaders of the Minnesota defense.  To suffer the kind of injury he suffered, one that cast doubt over his career as a whole, let alone whether he'd be back for this season, and to be back and, apparently, ready for the regular season is absolutely incredible.

A lot of the hype on Sunday night is going to surround Brett Favre, to be sure. . .but I know that I, personally, am every bit as excited to see E.J. Henderson lead the Minnesota defense onto the field again, if only for a quarter or so.