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Camarillo By Morning: Vikings Acquire Wide Receiver From Dolphins

The Minnesota Vikings apparently felt that they needed to make a move in light of the injury to Sidney Rice and the uncertainty of Percy Harvin. . .and they made one that, while maybe not earth-shattering, might turn out to be a good one in a sneaky, under-the-radar sort of way.

It was learned this morning that the Vikings have made a trade with the Miami Dolphins to acquire receiver Greg Camarillo, a fifth-year player who played his college ball at Stanford.  He signed with the San Diego Chargers as an undrafted free agent as a rookie, and spent the next three seasons with the Dolphins.  Over the past two years, Camarillo has caught 105 passes for 1165 yards and two touchdowns.

Camarillo is a solid, possession type receiver that doesn't have great speed, but can make tough catches in traffic and is a pretty good blocking wide receiver as well.  He figures to slot into the third WR role behind Bernard Berrian and Percy Harvin (when he's available) until Sidney Rice returns to the lineup.  He's best known for this play against the Baltimore Ravens in 2007, which was the play that gave the Dolphins their only win that season.

According to ESPN 1500 in Minneapolis. . .and contrary to what my earlier FanShot reported. . .Camarillo was not traded for a draft choice, but rather for CB Benny Sapp, who 1500 reports wasn't on the practice field today.

I think this is a pretty decent deal for the Vikings.  Sapp was, apparently, going to be the odd man out of the CB battle, and we have a deficiency at wide receiver with the injury to Rice and Harvin's ongoing issues.  Camarillo isn't an elite wide receiver, but he is better than average, in my opinion, and should be a big help to the Vikings' offense going forward.

What are your thoughts on this trade?  Go ahead and talk about it below.