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Childress, Vikings Claim Ignorance of Favre Decision

Brad Childress claims he knows nothing of the Favre retirement rumors.
Brad Childress claims he knows nothing of the Favre retirement rumors.

Vikings head coach Brad Childress just met with the media at Vikings training camp in Mankato. Thanks to Judd Zulgad's live tweets, here's what Chilly said:

Zulgad says that Childress HAS talked to Favre in the last 24 hours. He doesn't know whether or not Favre's ankle injury is the main stumbling block in his comeback. He isn't pressing for a Favre decision. He also mentioned that "this is a fluid situation" many, many times.

So in other words, Chilly is doing his best impression of Schultz from Hogan's Heroes. "I SEE NUSSING! I KNOW NUSSING!"

I wouldn't dare claim to know what the hell is going on here, but I'll speculate that one of two things is going on at this point:

  1. Favre is just floating the idea out there to see how much the Vikings will grovel at his feet and beg him to come back. Remember, of all the records that Favre holds, the most unbreakable record will always be "Biggest Media Whore". No matter what he's actually going to do, you KNOW he loves all this attention.
  2. Favre is crying wolf, but this time the wolf is actually there. He's retiring for real, and the Vikings are simply saying "no comment" in hopes that he changes his mind.
Like I said, I won't claim to know what's going on, but this is going to be a story until Favre shows up at Vikings practice or someone else takes a snap on September 9 in New Orleans.

Stay tuned for more Favregeddon 2010 coverage.