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More Training Camp News. Yeah, that too

The news about Brett Favre really made things interesting around here yesterday, no?  Although Favre playing (or not playing, who really knows) will have a major impact on the Vikings for 2010, there were some other developments at training camp yesterday.  Right now, the reason the offense is getting outperformed by the defense is because besides Favre, Sidney Rice and Adrian Peterson are out with injuries, and Percy Harvin is still attending to matters over a death in the family.  Let's get right to it, to include the Favre reaction.

SBN Minnesota has an almost minute by minute recap of the fluid Favre situation, to include a good recap at the end of the day.

Tom Pelissero gives a great synopsis of the on the field stuff from Tusday.  Highlights:  AP is still limited by injuries but insists he'll be fine, and Sage Rosenfels has his best day at camp.

Judd Zulgad of the Strib says the Vikes are offering up to $7 million more for Favre to play in 2010.  There is no truth to the rumor that Zulgad gets a percentage of any Favre raise, since he broke the story and all.  I kid, I kid.

Jim Souhan doesn't like this whole Favre mess.  No siree, Bob.  And he says so in his usual, flowery prose.  I wonder where he got the term 'Favregeddon'...

Amid all the Favre hoopla, Tarvaris Jackson--potential starting QB for the Vikings--keeps it all in perspective.  That which doesn't kill us only makes us stronger, TJ.

Now, some National Reaction. 

First, Alex Marvez of Fox Sports gives us the 'Winners aand Losers'

Mark Kriegel of Foz Sports is his typical sanctimonious self.

What would a Brett Favre retirement story be without reaction from Peter King?

Finally, Pete Prisco of CBS Sports thinksFavre is selfish

Even without the Favre story, there's a lot going on in Mankato.  Harvin should be back soon, EJ Henderson is still only practicing once a day (but the fact that he's practicing is remarkable), Jamarca Sanford is pushing Tyrell Johnson for a starting job, and Adrian Peterson has 'tightness' in his leg. 

We'll be updating throughout the day here and at SBN Minnesota, so check us out early and often.