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The Vikings Are Bringing In Four Wide Receivers To Tryout. They Are All Terrible.

Yeah!  The Vikings are bringing in four guys that YOU HAVE NEVER HEARD OF to try and help out the receiving corps.  Which is odd, because if the VIkings need any help, it's not there.  Or, if they do need WR help, my first call would be to a few other options before what we have in front of us right now.  Let me explain, after the jump, why bringing in these four particular guys will be about as effective as a Tim Brewster defense.

First of all, let's identify the big pile of 'meh'.  They are Sam Aiken, Reggie Brown, Ruvell Martin, and Demetrius WIlliams.  If they were part of the Seven Dwarves, they would have been named Crappy, Busty, Droppy, and Ouchy.  If you really want to read more about them, intrepid Vikings beat reporter Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune has done a good job of putting as much lipstick on this pig as is humanly possible.

Seriously, do you guys think any of these guys are better than Berrian, Harvin, Camarillo, or Lewis?  Hey, fat dude in the Gophers Hockey Jersey in the third row, that was a RHETORICAL QUESTION.  DO NOT ANSWER AGAIN.  Of course they aren't.  But I do find it peculiar that both Brett Favre and Brad Childress described Thursday's offensive performance as essentially just needing to get timing issues down, then the VIkings turn right around and plan on working out four steaming piles of blech.  It's not a panic move, not this early in the season, but it does strike me as odd.  In all seriousness, I really do think that the issues between Favre, Berrian, and Harvin are just timing issues, and another week of practice and two winnable games (Miami and Detroit), they'll be fine.  Just seems like an odd move.  Unless, of course, someone is hurt, then I can see it for depth purposes.  But that's it.

But if it is a move for depth and injury protection, there are a couple of options out there, so let's look at them, and try to figure out who the VIkes should bring in, if anyone.

Javon Walker:  Seems like the really obvious choice to me.  He looked good in pre-season, to the point I thought he might have made the team.  But then the Vikes traded for Greg Camarillo, but I still thought Walker had a good chance to make the squad.  He has the most history with Favre and the most experience in the offense, so why they wouldn't turn to him baffles me.

Vincent Jackson:  Dear God, no.  Jackson is already suspended three games, and another three after that because he didn't report to training camp.  That's six games, or roughly 8 games before Sidney Rice returns.  HA!  THAT WAS A JOKE!!  Uh, kind of.  I think.  Jay Glazer reported this morning that the Vikings were kicking the tires on Jackson, but I just don't see it being a good fit, especially if the VIkes want immediate help. 

Randy Moss:  He's not ever coming back.  Get over it.  If he does, I'll lead the parade down Hennepin Avenue.  (Hennepin is where all the hookers still hang out, right?  Allegedly, anyway.  Yeah, Hennepin avenue it is, baby!!)  I only mention Moss because I want to reinforce, for the 704th time, he isn't coming back to Minnesota.  I wish he would, he'd be the perfect answer, and I get a tingly feeling all over thinking what Favre and Moss could do.  But then I gets a sadz, and I realize that Favre to Moss is an uber fantasy that just...won't...happen.  And I curse the Football Gods for making it so.

What About Cornerback?:  A lot of folks think cornerback is a more pressing need than wide receiver is anyway.  Personally, I think Cedric Griffin and Chris Cook will be ready to go, and I bet one of them suits up for week 2, if not both.  Once they come back the leaks that sprung in the secondary will be a lot less frequent, and I think you'll see a secondary every bit as good as any in the conference.

So, that's how I see this move.  I just don't get it, and I think there are better options out there that are more well known to the VIkings than they are bringing in. 

And a good game on Sunday by Favre, Harvin, and Berrian, and this noise goes away quicker than Paula Abdul.