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And Now. . .The Moment You've All Been Waiting For

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Yes, ladies and gentlemen. . .it's time to bring back a little feature that we got to know last season, and it shows who's been willing to put in the work this off-season and who's trying to just coast by on their God-given talent.

I'm speaking, of course. . .of the Game Thread Roll Call!

Yes, if you'll recall, right around the end of the 2009 season, the Roll Call was discontinued because the site we used to tabulate it wasn't working properly.  However, that problem has now been remedied, and I'm happy to bring you our pre-season Roll Call.

I've consolidated all four pre-season Game Threads into one big Roll Call, so you can see how you stacked up against everyone else.  There were just shy of 1,700 comments for the four pre-season games, which isn't bad. . .it's not regular season good, but that will change in short order, I would guess.

After the jump, you can check out the Roll Call for the 2010 pre-season.  Enjoy, and we'll see you back here tomorrow!

Roll Call: ArizonaVikingsFan, just another viking, REVENGE4FAVRE, 986guy, MiNnAZona MDG, CitrusFLViking, Viking64, SDviking, medicineball, Viking in MT, Cody_3_twins, Loki The Viking God, PurpleEaters, Odin, Curtis2012, jshep, Christopher Gates, VikesFaninNM, HectorVillanueva, Ted Glover, UnBannedVikingholic, jethrophet, Eric J. Thompson, dsludo, gerkvoltage, thewild_viking_twins, Ace991, SouthernNorseman, Curvespace, vikefansd, JethroBoViking, AllDayMVP, TonyO, IlinoisVike, gothicpurple, cutlassbob, DaRange, packallday555, muffin man, Mr.Cub22, puddnhead, meno, mississippisaintsfan, princelyfrank, chaosg, skolvikes, noblepete, All Day, All Night, urluckyday, ajmargarine, Frost, dkerfoot, SweetTea023, Skol Vikes, AzVikeFan, hickenizgriz, Mel Allen, SeanInEauClaireWi, Wytefang, MNVIKES90, Vikant, YanksVikes, Hoss-Drone, PurpleJesus, VikingsFan92, Luft Krigare, jlahey, chaoswarriorxiii, free7694, FrenchFreak, CanadianViking, wyovike23, mjmrad, papaspud, the Dragon, Idavikings, McCoubs, Jepp The Viking, loafrat, TrojanRam, nmvikesfan, vikingfanfrom afar, VaViking1, ebster2112, Curtis72094, 7Twins7, B.C. 4 MVP, daminnesotamoose, Grime, y2jayjk, Hillstop, Purpledork, jmarter, jcrave24, TampaViking, DangerDale
Total Users: 96
Total Posts: 1683
Total Threads: 4

Name # of Posts
chaosg 128
Christopher Gates 125
VikesFaninNM 117
UnBannedVikingholic 106
jethrophet 104
Vikant 68
muffin man 68
ArizonaVikingsFan 56
Odin 46
SDviking 44
YanksVikes 41
medicineball 41
Viking in MT 40
IlinoisVike 40
gothicpurple 39
CanadianViking 30
Curvespace 29
PurpleJesus 27
Loki The Viking God 26
AllDayMVP 25
hickenizgriz 25
VikingsFan92 24
dsludo 21
Luft Krigare 20
just another viking 17
JethroBoViking 17
jcrave24 15
All Day, All Night 15
PurpleEaters 15
noblepete 14
papaspud 13
Wytefang 11
Jepp The Viking 11
jshep 10
Curtis2012 10
Ted Glover 10
urluckyday 10
Frost 9
wyovike23 9
TonyO 8
Ace991 8
7Twins7 8
HectorVillanueva 7
Grime 7
Mel Allen 7
packallday555 7
TampaViking 6
Eric J. Thompson 6
gerkvoltage 5
Hillstop 5
Purpledork 5
FrenchFreak 5
skolvikes 5
y2jayjk 4
vikefansd 4
CitrusFLViking 4
puddnhead 4
Curtis72094 4
princelyfrank 4
B.C. 4 MVP 4
dkerfoot 3
mississippisaintsfan 3
chaoswarriorxiii 3
Idavikings 3
thewild_viking_twins 3
MiNnAZona MDG 2
jmarter 2
loafrat 2
Hoss-Drone 2
ajmargarine 2
SouthernNorseman 2
Viking64 2
Skol Vikes 2
daminnesotamoose 1
SweetTea023 1
meno 1
DaRange 1
DangerDale 1
986guy 1
cutlassbob 1
AzVikeFan 1
Mr.Cub22 1
VaViking1 1
Cody_3_twins 1
McCoubs 1
the Dragon 1
mjmrad 1
jlahey 1
SeanInEauClaireWi 1
free7694 1
vikingfanfrom afar 1
nmvikesfan 1
TrojanRam 1
ebster2112 1