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NFL Power Rankings, Week Three - Vikings Dropping Like A Rock

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Well, we know what we think about our team at this point in time. . .but what is everyone else saying about the Vikings' 0-2 start in terms of where they rank in the NFL hierarchy? Let's take a spin around the interwebs and find out, shall we? - Vikings currently ranked at number 10.

How far can we drop the Vikings? We know they're a good team but they haven't shown it yet. The offense has scored just 19 points in two games. That used to be a good first half last year. They need to get back into that rhythm.

Wow. . .God bless the boys over there at the mothership. I'm as big a homer as they come, seriously, but I don't think there's any way in hell the Minnesota Vikings are one of the ten best teams in the NFL right now.

Fox Sports - Vikings come in at number 23.

It's interesting that missing just one player, WR Sidney Rice, can totally bog down a team's offense. It's clear that Minnesota must do something to improve their receiver position until Rice returns.

Really can't argue with this, considering the way this team has looked so far. doesn't have us in the Top Ten or the Bottom Ten. . .we've fallen to number 17.

Pro Football Talk drops the Vikings down to number 19 in the rankings.

If the Vikings drop any faster they'll get the bends.

But PFT really doesn't like the Vikings, anyway.

See, the Vikings are in kind of a weird spot. . .with their offense, they're definitely not one of the ten best teams in the NFL right now. However, with the way the defense has been playing, they're definitely not one of the ten worst teams in the NFL right now, either.

I'll add some more Power Rankings to this as they roll in throughout the course of the next day or two. In the meantime, feel free to discuss this below.