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Five Good Questions with Pride Of Detroit

It's time for the weekly feature where we get to know more about the upcoming opponent--Five Good Questions. This week, Sean Yuille from Pride Of Detroit was kind enough to provide us with some insight about the new and improved Lions team.

No time for messin' around this week--Detroit is a division rival, so no need to post a song that relates to the city like we've done the past two weeks. We know them, they know us. Let's get right to the questions to get to know the Lions even better:

It appears that Matthew Stafford won't be available for Sunday's game. How do you feel about Shaun Hill's relief performance so far? What does he do well, and what does he need to do better?

Hill's biggest problem is that he is has been inconsistent. Some drives, mainly when the Lions are in the no huddle, he will look cool and collected and sling the ball around just as Matthew Stafford would when healthy. Other drives, however, he looks lost, which just kills the Lions' offense. When the good Hill is out there, he is a great backup to have. When the bad Hill is at QB, however, the Lions' offense has to rely too much on Jahvid Best to get things going, and more often than not that means Detroit is going three and out.

(More Q&A with Pride Of Detroit after the jump.)

Jahvid Best has burst onto the scene with two excellent games to start his NFL career. What has helped him be so successful so early?

Best's best attribute is his speed, which allowed him to score a 75-yard touchdown on a simple screen pass against Philadelphia. His shiftiness is also what makes his game so great, which is why he has scored four rushing touchdowns for the Lions this season. Actually, Best has been responsible for all but one of Detroit's TDs this season, showing you just how great he has been.

The Lions added defensive stud Ndamukong Suh and other players to shore up their defense, yet they have given up 436 yards a game the first two weeks. Why is the Lions defense still struggling so far in 2010?

It all comes down to the secondary. The Lions actually are second in the league in sacks right now, but they are near the very bottom when it comes to passing yards allowed. Although the Lions completely revamped the secondary this offseason (Louis Delmas is the only defensive back returning from last season), the same issue with allowing too many passing yards is still around. Considering that, I wouldn't be surprised at all if Brett Favre just goes wild on the Lions' secondary and has a huge day like he has many times before against Detroit.

We know the Lions have many more weapons than past years thanks to Best, Calvin Johnson, and Suh. Name one Lions player that people aren't talking about that will have a big impact on Sunday's game.

Brandon Pettigrew hasn't received a ton of attention because he tore his ACL on Thanksgiving last year and because the Lions acquired Tony Scheffler in the offseason. Last week, though, he showed how dangerous he can be, catching seven passes for 108 yards. He is one of the many weapons the Lions have on offense, as you mentioned, but so far he has been one that hasn't received much attention. That will change if he keeps playing like did he last week.

The Lions haven't won in the Metrodome since 1997. Give us your prediction for Sunday's game--will this year be different?

I don't know what it is, but I have a good feeling about Sunday. The Lions usually play Minnesota tough in the Metrodome, but they just haven't been able to finish out games in the past. This year, despite being without Matthew Stafford, I think they will go into Minnesota and take down the Vikings, creating a mass panic and an 0-3 start for the Vikes. I'm not 100% confident in this prediction by any means, as I could easily see Brett Favre going nuts on the Lions' defense and reviving Minnesota's season. If I had to predict, though, I'm taking Detroit.


Thanks again to Sean for taking the time to answer some questions about his team. More to come before tomorrow's game!