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A Fun, Helpful List Of Minnesota Vikings Players* You Can Find On Twitter

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* - Yeah, I'm going to throw in some other folks, too.

Okay, so lately I've found myself attempting to utilize a little more of "the Twitter" that all of the kids today are using and talking about and so forth. It's actually kind of entertaining, getting the immediate feedback and conversing with folks and things of that nature.

However, it turns out that it isn't just the kids that are doing it. . .it's lots of other people, too. Including many members of your Minnesota Vikings! So, I'm not sure how many of you good people are on the Twitter or are actively using it, but if you are, here's a full list of Vikings players and some other dignitaries connected to the team. Now, some folks tweet more often than others do, but you should never miss anything Vikings-related if you add these folks to your lists. Oh, and if any of you folks out there have any that I've missed, feel free to put them in the comments, and I'll add them here.

Vikings Players

JaredAllen69 (Jared Allen)
B_Twice (Bernard Berrian)
Jasperhitman54 (Jasper Brinkley)
ChrisDeGeare (Chris DeGeare)
NextBigThang91 (Ray Edwards)
1GATORKING2 (Percy Harvin)
56ejhenderson (E.J. Henderson)
50ErinHenderson (Erin Henderson)
7tjackson (Tarvaris Jackson)
Jaymarjohnson (Jaymar Johnson)
ChrisWarcraft (Chris Kluwe. . .yeah, that's really him.)
GLew17 (Greg Lewis)
BryantMcKinnie (Bryant McKinnie, who I don't believe ever actually stops tweeting)
sidneyrice (Sidney Rice)
Brian_Robison (Brian Robison)
sanford33 (Jamarca Sanford)
VShiancoe (Visanthe Shiancoe)
MadieuWilliams (Madieu Williams)

Local Media Types and Others with Viking Connections

1500ESPN (ESPN 1500)
Hatch89 (former Vikings receiver Matthew Hatchette)
PMac21 (Phil Mackey, ESPN 1500)
TomPelissero (Tom Pelissero, ESPN 1500)
JakeReed86 (former Vikings receiver Jake Reed)
1500ESPN_Reusse (Patrick Reusse, ESPN 1500)
sbnminnesota (SBNation Minnesota)
chipscoggins (Chip Scoggins, Minneapolis Star-Tribune)
SouhanStrib (Jim Souhan, Minneapolis Star-Tribune)
JuddZulgad (Judd Zulgad, Minneapolis Star-Tribune)

National Football Media Types

gregaiello (Greg Aiello, NFL PR guy)
FO_BBarnwell (Bill Barnwell, Football Outsiders)
caplannfl (Adam Caplan, Fox Sports)
richeisen (Rich Eisen, NFL Network)
Jay_Glazer (Jay Glazer, Fox NFL Sunday)
MelKiperESPN (Mel Kiper. . .dramatic pause. . .draft expert)
SI_PeterKing (Peter King, Sports Illustrated)
JasonLaCanfora (Jason LaConfora, NFL Network)
michaelombardi (Michael Lombardi, NFL Network)
NFLPRGuy (Brian McCarthy, another NFL PR guy)
mortreport (Chris Mortensen, ESPN)
QBKILLA (Warren Sapp, NFL Network)
Adam_Schefter (Adam Schefter, ESPN)
espn_nfcnblog (Kevin Seifert, ESPN)
NFLfootballinfo (Michael Signora, NFL VP of Football Communications)
sportsguy33 (Bill Simmons, ESPN)

Vikings Blogs

DailyNorseman (hey, that's us)
CapitalJsCorner (Capital J's Corner)
mnsportszone (Minnesota Sports Zone)
ilovemypackers and VikesPrincess (Nasty and Nice. . .I'll leave it to you to decide which is which)
pacifistviking (Pacifist Viking)
PJDiaries (Purple Jesus Diaries)
TheVikingAge (The Viking Age)
TheVikingShip (The Viking Ship)
vikings_ukblog (Vikings UK Blog)
VikingVigil (Viking Vigil)


And I believe that's everybody that I currently have. Like I said, if you have any more that you'd like to add, please feel free to do so in the comments section, and I'll add them to the list here. Also, every SBNation site has its own Twitter that gets updated as soon as a story is posted, so if you want to add them, just go to the appropriate site and look in the upper right hand corner to add them to your Twitter. And, hey, if you want to tell them that we sent you. . .well, we don't mind.

We'll be back with some more goodness for everyone as the day progresses. Enjoy your Tuesday, ladies and gentlemen!