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Pre-Season Week 4 Stock Market Report

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Well, the 2010 pre-season has come and gone, like a bad cold, the beginning of school, or a recurring case of herpes.  Now, starting Thursday, the games count, and guys that who were probably going to be working for the Post Office will be...working for the Post Office.  With everything that's gone on in the last few days, the stock market report is going to be a bit short, and with all the cuts, it's probably pretty obvious who the buy/sell and junk bonds are going to be. 

Because I know everyone is sad to see the end of the pre-season, and many hopes and dreams of playing professional football were crushed,  I give to you as your musical selection...Sad Eyes, the Robert John Classic from 1979. 

FYI, this was THE slow dance song for the East Grand Forks MN Junior High Dances (or Babe, by Styx).  If you were dancing with a girl to this song, you were officially an ITEM, baby. 



Christie Cartier, wherever you may be, I hope you've had a wonderful life. 

Stock Market Report, after the jump.

Blue Chip Stocks:  Rick Spielman and Scott Studwell, Front Office.  One is the brother of Chris Spielman, Class 1 Badass, and the other IS a Class 1 Badass.  They seem to make a good team, because since 2006, they've constructed what I think is the best team in the NFL through solid scouting, drafting, and free agency acquisition.  Look at the talent up and down the roster, and then compare it to the talent on the roster at the end of 2005, and you'll shake your head in disbelief.  The infusion of All-Pro's, solid starters, and key role players on special teams is remarkable, and whatever success this team has in 2010 is due in large part to their efforts.  They have assembled a great team, now it's up to the players to deliver.

Sound Investments:  The Practice Squad Players.  The Vikings signed 7 players on to their practice squad after the Corleone Massacre of the Five Families cutdown day was finished.  For me, I think Logan Payne and Ryan D'Imperio were the ones that impressed me the most.  I don't know that they'll ever amount to anything, but for now they're living the dream, which is more than 20 guys who were their teammates two days ago can say.

Junk Bonds: 

Rhys Lloyd, K.  At the end of the day, the Vikings didn't go with two kickers on the roster, as Lloyd's last ditch effort to make the squad fell short (get it--kicker who booms them through the end zone falls sh-- nevermind). 

Javon Walker, WR.  Walker made a strong push for making the final cut with only two weeks on the roster and no chance to work with the first team.  I actually thought he was going to make it once Sidney Rice was put on the PUP, but then the trade for Greg Camarillo made Walker's situation tenuous again. 


Buy:  The end of pre-season.  Thank God that's over.  It gets more tedious every year.  And for us Viking fans, it was relatively anti-climatic, seeing as how there were very few roster spots up for grabs.

Buy:  Chris Cook starting, if he wasn't hurt.  Cook came on like gangbusters, and with Cedric Griffin beginning practice, I'm liking the looks of the secondary in about a week or so.  I just hope that they can hold down the fort against the Saints.

Sell:  The Rosenfels and Reynaud trade to the Giants.  I understood the Rosenfels trade, but I didn't like it.  I didn't understand the Reynaud trade at all, though.  Rosenfels wasn't going to beat out TJ, and that became apparent this pre-season, and if that was the choice, then so be it.  Joe Webb's performance made Rosenfels expendable, so it was better to get something for him as opposed to releasing him and getting nothing.  But Reynaud?  He looked like he was adapting well to the switch to running back, I thought he had performed better than Albert Young, and he was still the best punt returner on the team.  I just don't get it.

Sell:  Greg Camarillo as punt returner.  Well, not just Camarillom but anyone.  Yeah, I'm harping on reynaud getting released, but it really does leave a void in special teams.  Reynaud was a guy that could make things happen in the punt return game, and now that big play potential isn't there.  If Percy Harvin returns punts, that big play ability will be there, but it seems like the Vikings aren't inclined to do that at this time.  So that leaves Camarillo or a whole bunch of 'meh'.

All right, that's a wrap for the pre season stock market report.  We'll be back after the Saints game with our week 1 report.  I have a feeling that the stock market will be way up come Friday morning.