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Play Survival Football and Pro Football Pick 'Em With The Daily Norseman!

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What would an NFL season be without a survival league and a pick 'em pool for everyone to get involved in?

We'll be doing both through Yahoo! Sports this year. For the uninitiated that have never done a survival league before, here's how it works. Every week, you will pick the winner of one NFL game. Just one. If the team that you picked to win is victorious, then you move on. If they don't. . .well, you're no longer surviving, and are out of the league. This goes on until there is only one person left standing. Oh, and once you've successfully picked a team, you can't pick them again for the rest of the season. So, if you pick the Vikings to beat the Saints in Week 1, you'll get to continue, but you can't pick the Vikings again for the rest of the year.

If you want to play in the survival league, go on over to Yahoo! Sports, find Survival Football, and join the league. The league number is 22908, and the password is skolvikes.

There's also going to be a straight-up pick 'em league, where you'll get the chance to pick all of the winners for every week in the NFL and see who's the best prognosticator at the end of the season. We'll do it with no point spreads or anything like that, just who you think is going to be the winner. However, Yahoo! allows us to use something called "Confidence Points," in which you rate a game based on how confident you are in its outcome. The higher the value you assign to a particular game, the more sure you are of its outcome, and the more points you'll get credited for if you're correct.

If you want to get in on the Pick 'Em league, find the Pro Football Pick 'Em at Yahoo! Sports (same link as above), and join the league. The league number is 53410, and the password is skolvikes.

So there you go! Some more football-based games for everyone to get involved in if they so desire. Best of luck to everyone that jumps in, and hope to see you there!