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So. . .What Are You Munching On This Thursday Night?

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One of the FanPost discussions over on the right hand side there wound up turning to a discussion of food and recipes and that sort of thing, and it got me to thinking. . .why in the blue hell did our ancestors ever think lutefisk was a great idea?

But after I thought about that for roughly three seconds, I started wondering about what sort of spread everyone is going to have at their disposal on Thursday night. With the season opener being on a bit of an odd day, I thought that it might have a bit of an effect on what everyone is going to be chowing down on while watching the Vikings (hopefully) start out 1-0 in about 48 hours from the time I type this.

Personally, my food of choice during football for as long as I can remember has been popcorn, for a couple of reasons. First off, it's relatively easy to make, and you can customize it pretty much any way you want. Second, when I started watching the Vikings lo these many years ago, I was the tender age of eight. Not a heck of a lot of foods an eight-year old can make on their own, to be honest, but microwave popcorn is one of them. The biggest one, however, is that I grew up and have seen the majority of the Vikings' games I've ever watched from the basement of my parents' house. This house is in a town of about 500 people, it's a one-hour drive simply to go to McDonald's, and the nearest mall is close to a two-hour trip. So, you know, not a lot of pizza delivery joints or Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants established in the greater metropolitan area. The choices, you might say, were somewhat limited.

Now that the options are a little more open, I've become more of a pizza guy on Sundays. . .but, to be honest, the ol' popcorn still tops the list for yours truly. So, what kind of munchables are you folks looking at for this Thursday night?

Oh, and not to be outdone by the other guys. . .if you're of age, here's a little something for you to imbibe on Thursday night. You know, provided you're fortunate enough to not have to drag it into work on Friday morning.

Purple Rain

1 1/2 ounces gin
Cranberry juice
Splash of blue curacao
Splash of sweet and sour mix
Splash of soda water

Pour your gin into an ice-filled highball glass. . .fill it with cranberry juice. Add in blue curacao, sweet and sour mix, and soda water. Shake gently, add more blue curacao (until the drink is your desired shade of purple), and enjoy!