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Vikings/Saints, Third Quarter Thread

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The Vikings took everything the Saints had to throw at them early, and are still standing tall.  After an ugly Favre interception in Saints' territory (where Visanthe Shiancoe got completely molested by Jonathan Vilma, but hey. . .them's the breaks), "Mr. Clutch" Garrett Hartley missed a field goal from 46 yards, and the Vikings responded by driving 64 yards for a score.  Shiancoe torched the Saints for two big catches on the drive, including a 20-yard touchdown pass from Favre.

Ryan Longwell's extra point was blocked, and the Vikings lead 9-7.  Here's hoping that one little point doesn't come back to bite us. . .sort of like the last time we had a blocked extra point.

The third quarter is underway, folks. . .talk about it all here!