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Josh McDaniels Leaning Towards Rams Over Vikings. . .Maybe

Last night, the Star-Tribune ran a story on their website saying that former New England Patriots offensive coordinator and Denver Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels was "leaning" towards accepting the offensive coordinator position with the St. Louis Rams. McDaniels is still, to my knowledge, the only person the Vikings and Leslie Frazier have interviewed for the OC position, unless they conducted some sort of secret squirrel, way under the radar interview without anybody in the media picking up on it. . .which, in this day and age, would be kind of amazing.

However, from what Darren Wolfson is reporting (via ESPN's Chris Mortensen), it appears that McDaniels to the Rams is pretty far from a done deal.

RT @mortreport: Rams' talks breaking down w McDaniels; Rams seek permission to talk to Falcons' Bill Musgrave & Vikings' Darrell Bevellless than a minute ago via TweetDeck


Wow. . .things are going so badly with McDaniels that the Rams actually want to talk with Darrell Bevell? I mean, I'm sure that they won't have any trouble getting permission from the Vikings, since he's already been told that he's free to look for other jobs, but still. . .damn.

Hopefully there will be a few more developments to report on concerning this story throughout the course of the day.

In an unrelated story, Aaron Rodgers saw Darren Wolfson's hat and refused to do an interview with him.

EDIT: Also, according to Chris Mortensen, Musgrave also has an interview scheduled with the Vikings this week (and one with the Cleveland Browns as well). So maybe the developments won't be coming as fast or furiously as we might like.

EDIT to the EDIT: Bevell will be interviewing for the quarterback coach position with the Seattle Seahawks today as well. Eventually, I'll edit this post enough times to connect every team in the NFL to it.