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Minnesota Vikings Make New Coaching Hires Official

You know how I said we were probably going to have to wait for a while for the Vikings to make official announcements about their coaching hires?

Yeah. . .forget I said that. The team's website has confirmed four new coaching hires.

Fred Pagac is officially the new defensive coordinator, after speculation that such would be the case. Mike Priefer is, indeed, the Vikings' new special teams coordinator. Bill Musgrave is coming over from Atlanta to be the offensive coordinator, as we reported. . .checks watch. . .about 15 minutes ago or so.

Finally, Mike Singletary has been officially announced as the linebackers coach and the "special assistant to the head coach."

Yes, that is Singletary's actual job title. So, for those of you out there that are fans of The Office, it appears as though Mike Singletary will be filling the Dwight Schrute role to Leslie Frazier's Michael Scott. No word yet on who will play Kevin, but it would have to be somebody awesome, yet vastly underrated.