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Former Vikings Coaching News: Bevell To Seattle, Chilly (Possibly) To Cincinnati

With the hiring of Bill Musgrave to be the Vikings' new offensive coordinator, the Vikings had no further use for Darrell Bevell, but he wasn't off his feet for very long.

Bevell has been hired by the Seattle Seahawks to be their new offensive coordinator. It was originally thought that Bevell was heading to Seattle to interview for their quarterbacks coach position, but either the plan changed or he was going to interview for the offensive coordinator's spot all along. Congratulations to Bevell on his new gig, and here's hoping that he has some success in the future. . .well, except for when the Seahawks play the Vikings, obviously.

In another story, Brad Childress might almost be considered a "hot property," at this point. He's interviewed for the offensive coordinator's job with the Miami Dolphins, and was seen dining with Cincinnati Bengals' head coach Marvin Lewis, presumably to discuss becoming a part of the Bengals staff. Either that or Lewis is trying to make it clear to Terrell Owens that he really, really doesn't want T.O. back in Cincinnati next season.

Still waiting for word on the Vikings' running back coach situation. The job has been offered to former long-time Indianapolis Colts' running backs coach Gene Huey, who was recently fired after nearly two decades with the Colts' organization. Hopefully something will be finalized on that front, whether it's with Huey or somebody else, in the very near future.