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Metrodome Roof May Not Be Ready For 2011 Pre-Season

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Great news for fans of opposing teams that clapped and squealed with glee and delight as they watched the roof of the Metrodome collapse back in December. . .bad news for anybody that has a brain in their head or so much as a lick of common sense.

From all the reports coming from Minneapolis, there's a chance that the repairs that are necessary to get it back up to speed may not be completed by the time NFL pre-season action starts again in August.

An engineering report that will determine whether the roof can be repaired is due in approximately two weeks. If the roof can't be repaired, it will have to be completely replaced. The company that makes the panels for the roof currently has enough to repair the panels that were torn in the storm, but not enough to do a full-on replacement of the entire roof.

According to Ted Mondale, the newly-appointed head of the Minneapolis Sports Facilities Commission, if a full replacement of the roof is needed, the entire process could take five or six months.

There hasn't been any official word yet from the Vikings if they're going to be playing at the Metrodome at all in 2011, replacement roof or not. This whole episode is simply going to add fuel to the stadium debate, but something needs to get figured out soon. . .the NFL releases schedules in April, and if the Vikings are going to end up at TCF Bank Stadium this year, they're going to have to work around the Gophers' schedule, to be sure.