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Frank Walker Has An. . .Interesting. . .Hobby

National Football League players are a unique group, and there is a myriad of different interests among that special group. . .even just among the Vikings themselves. For example, Jared Allen likes to spend a lot of his spare time hunting and working with various charities. Chris Kluwe is big computer and video gamer, and is part of a band that plays gigs around Minneapolis. Madieu Williams is a well-known philanthropist.

And cornerback Frank Walker, apparently, likes to recruit people to try to work in porn.

New porn site coming soon and my boy is looking for females. Paying like 200 to 700 per hour.less than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter

As you can imagine, this blew up into Walker arguing with people on his Twitter account, and stating on numerous occasions that it was his right to do whatever he wanted in his spare time. (Isn't this 'Merica? I thought this was 'Merica!) And, technically, he's right. . .I don't begrudge the man if he wants to help a friend get a new website off the ground.

Unless it's a new Vikings' blog. Then we've got problems.

So, you know. . .if any of you folks are interested in "showing your horns," as the vernacular might go, go ahead and contact Frank Walker. We'll discuss my finder's fee later.