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Antoine Winfield Named To Pro Bowl

Antoine Winfield is getting some recognition for being the only member of the Minnesota Vikings' secondary that didn't spend most of the year outright sucking wind.

Yesterday, Winfield was named to the NFC Pro Bowl squad as a replacement for. . .well, really, who cares who it was for?

Winfield's raw numbers don't necessarily scream "Pro Bowler" or anything. . .he only had five passes defended and two interceptions on the season. Then again, when there were so many other people to humiliate in the Vikings' secondary this past year, who in their right minds was going to spend any time throwing Winfield's direction?

Winfield also provided his usual awesome run support, getting in on a combined 91 tackles this season, and forcing two fumbles. He also had what was probably the Vikings' defensive play of the year on Tuesday Night Football against the Eagles with his strip/sack/recovery/touchdown against Michael Vick.

Congratulations to Antoine Winfield on another trip to Honolulu!