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Latest SB Nation NFL Mock Draft Has Vikings Selecting A Quarterback

The folks at the mothership have put together their latest NFL Mock Draft, and it's changed a bit from the previous installment. It's awfully hard to gauge these sorts of things before the Combine and other individual workouts have taken place, but it gives us something to speculate about, if nothing else.

The Vikings have a big need at quarterback, particularly since nobody seems to know whether or not they're moving Joe Webb back to receiver full time or what else they're going to do with the quarterback situation. With that in mind, the folks at SB Nation have given the Vikings the second quarterback off the board. . .which, in this case, just happens to be the Heisman Trophy winner, Cam Newton of the University of Auburn.

Newton is simply too talented to last past this point. Leslie Frazier is the ideal personality type to let Newton be Newton, while keeping him focused on the team. There are other quarterbacks the Vikings will consider, but none are as strong a fit as Newton.

To borrow a phrase from American philosopher C. Montgomery Burns. . .I'm no football expert, but I know what I hate.

And I don't hate this.

I know this pick isn't going to be incredibly popular with a lot of people. . .I'll elaborate more on my thoughts on this pick in the near future, but the floor is open for everybody else to discuss it.