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Congratulations To Brittany Favre

A small break from the football talk for a bit.

Brett Favre's oldest daughter, Brittany, has gotten married to her boyfriend Patrick. . .and, apparently, the nuptials happened just this morning. (I say "apparently" because, well, I sure as heck didn't get an invite, but various sites have reported it.) She also Tweeted about five hours ago. . ."So I got married this morning. Today has been pretty dang good."

Well, I should say so.

It was about nine months or so ago that Brittany gave birth to her and Patrick's first son, Parker Brett. That made her father, Brett Favre, the NFL's first active grandfather.

Congratulations to Brittany and Patrick on this momentous occasion in their lives.  Great to hear some positive, happy news coming from the Favre compound after the past few months.

Also have to give them credit for having the sort of wedding they wanted. . .apparently they wanted to keep everything under the radar and, unless I missed a deluge of news about it over the past couple of days, that's exactly the way it was.