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Vikings' Linebacker E.J. Henderson Added To NFC Pro Bowl Squad

Well, if Michael Vick is going to job E.J. Henderson out of the Comeback Player of the Year award that he deserves, a trip to Hawai'i is a nifty little consolation prize, I guess.

Kevin Seifert of's NFC North blog is reporting that E.J. Henderson is, indeed, going to the Pro Bowl, giving the Vikings four Pro Bowlers when you take into account injury replacements and things of that nature. The only elected Pro Bowler the Vikings had was running back Adrian Peterson, but Henderson, cornerback Antoine Winfield and defensive tackle Kevin Williams have been named to the team since the original rosters were announced.

(Of course, Williams was replaced as well by Cardinals' defensive tackle Darnell Dockett. . .turns out that Williams and his wife are expecting a baby in the very near future, and big #93 didn't want to make the trip to Hawai'i as a result.)

We've documented Henderson's comeback story numerous times on the site here, so there's no need to rehash it again. A trip to the Pro Bowl simply puts the capper on a great season by E.J. Henderson that, quite frankly, nobody expected to see happen. Congratulations to #56 on being named to the Pro Bowl squad, regardless of how late that addition may have come.