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Jeff Fisher No Longer Titans Coach; Less Chance Vince Young Comes To Minnesota?

Earlier this season, Tennessee Titans' quarterback Vince Young had a bit of a freak out after he was pulled from a game against the Washington Redskins earlier this year. He may or may not have tossed his jersey and shoulder pads into the stands and pretty much stormed out of the team facility, leading to Titans' coach Jeff Fisher benching him for the rest of the season. After the Vikings hired Craig Johnson away from the Titans a week or so ago, speculation immediately started that Young could possibly be on his way to Minnesota, since there was no way he was going to be able to co-exist with Fisher.

Well, now Young won't have to co-exist with Fisher. . .whether he comes to Minnesota or stays in Tennessee.

Fisher, the NFL's longest-tenured coach, and the Titans have announced that they are going to part ways, according to a statement that the team released a short time ago. Adam Schefter is reporting that this doesn't necessarily mean that the Titans have chosen Young over Fisher, and they could well get rid of them both.

Our friends over at Music City Miracles aren't quite sure about Young at this point, despite what Schefter is reporting. On one hand, whoever the Titans hire to be as their next head coach may agree with Young's declaration that he's an elite quarterback. . .on the other hand, Young may have already burned too many bridges in Tennessee, and there may not be any way that they can bring him back, given that there's a large part of the Titans' fan base that thinks that Jeff Fisher "walks on water," according to the folks at MCM.

I'm not sold on Vince Young in Minnesota in any case. . .I don't think he has the maturity or the heart to lead this team to anything big, regardless of whether Craig Johnson is going to be coaching him or not. But, if the team was interested in bringing Young in, that avenue may be blocked now. Or it may not be. Isn't the off-season fun?