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Governor Dayton Finds New Potential Stadium Funding Source

We all know that the Vikings are trying to get themselves a new stadium, but have encountered a great deal of difficulty in doing so because of budget deficits and things of that nature. So, any new source of money to potentially help the stadium cause would be a welcome one.

Well. . .if Governor Dayton can get what he wants here, I submit that this source should be used to help fund a new Minnesota Vikings' stadium.

Minnesota officials said Thursday they were losing patience because Wisconsin still had not paid the $58.7 million it owes from an old tax-reciprocity agreement.

Under the agreement, taxpayers who lived in one state but worked in the other were allowed to file a single income-tax return. The agreement called for the states to reimburse each other, but Wisconsin always ended up owing Minnesota because more Wisconsin residents used the arrangement.

Wow. . .Wisconsin owes Minnesota just short of $60 million and, apparently, feels as though they don't have to pay up. Shocking, no?

Now, $60 million isn't going to fund a stadium or anything by any means. . .but it certainly would be a nice start, particularly if it would lessen the contribution of hard-working Minnesotans to a potential new Vikings' venue. Between that $60 million and the $250 to $300 million that Zygi Wilf has pledged to the effort, we could be about half way there!

Just a suggestion, Governor Dayton. . .you certainly don't have to use it if you don't want to. But it would be pretty sweet if you did.