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Could the Minnesota Vikings Have Their Pick Of The 2011 Quarterback Class?

According to at least one mock draft, they just might. The good folks at SB Nation have put out their most recent mock draft, and from what they have at the moment, all of the top 11 teams in the draft. . .some of whom have needs at quarterback as well. . .will all be passing on signal callers before the Vikings have their turn at the podium.

That would mean that the Vikings could take any quarterback they wanted at number 12, and that's exactly what the folks at the mothership have them doing, plucking Missouri junior quarterback Blaine Gabbert with their selection.

It's not overly likely that the Vikings will have their pick of the litter at quarterback, but this scenario brings forth an interesting debate: Gabbert or Cam Newton? We'll go with Gabbert for now, as he's got fewer question marks (but perhaps less upside).

Now I, for one, think that the quarterbacks are going to start moving back up the board after the Combine and individual workouts and things of that nature, but if the draft did happen to play out like this, I think I could live with Gabbert at #12. Gabbert has shown some pretty good mobility for a quarterback his size (6'3", 235), and had a 40-to-18 touchdown to interception ratio in his two seasons as Missouri's starting quarterback. He may not have Newton's upside, but he also might not have quite as much bust potential, either.

Also, if the Vikings do select Gabbert. . .or any other quarterback. . .at #12, it would be the second-highest pick the Vikings have ever spent on a quarterback. Only Daunte Culpepper, who the Vikings took with the 11th overall selection in 1999, would have gone at a higher spot in the draft.