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Bernard Berrian Wants You To Know It's Someone Else's Fault

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Because, hey, when you have one more reception through three games than the overwhelming majority of people who read this blog on a daily basis, it's clear that you're not the problem.

"I’ve been doing the same things I’ve always been doing," Berrian said. "I’ve been getting open. It’s just that we haven’t been able to connect. I’m doing all I can do, really."

Dude. . .really?

Michael Jenkins doesn't seem to have any problems "connecting." Percy Harvin doesn't seem to have any problems "connecting." Hell, Berrian has one fewer catch this season. . .and 30 fewer receiving yards. . .than Toby Gerhart. In Berrian's last 17 games (14 last year, 3 this year), he has 29 receptions for 269 yards and no touchdowns, so apparently he can't "connect" with Donovan McNabb. Or Tarvaris Jackson. Or Joe Webb. Or Brett Favre. Or anybody else, apparently.

Of those 29 receptions and 269 yards, nine of the catches and 89 of the yards came in Minnesota's comeback victory over the Arizona Cardinals last season. So, in the other 16 games. . .basically one full season of football. . .his numbers drop to 20 catches and 180 yards.

Ladies and gentlemen, the "deep threat" for the 2011 Minnesota Vikings.

I'm just tired of hearing the excuses for this guy. He hasn't gotten decent separation from a defensive back in a couple of seasons, but Leslie Frazier has insisted on keeping the guy around for some reason when he has younger, hungrier receivers as an option on the bench and on the practice squad.

Thankfully, after this year, he's going to be someone else's problem. . .if anyone else will sign him.