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Some Peterson-On-Peterson Violence For Your Viewing Pleasure

Yeah, it's a bit on the late side, and most of you won't see this until the morning, but I thought I'd throw it out there anyway.

Adrian Peterson had three touchdowns in the first quarter on Sunday afternoon against Arizona. His 4-yard run to start things off was nice, and his 24-yarder after an Arizona turnover was really good. But the last one he scored was probably my favorite.

*switch over to a whispering-type voice*

This is Cardinals' rookie cornerback Patrick Peterson. We've secretly replaced the SEC running backs that he's used to tackling with All-Universe running back Adrian Peterson. Let's see if he notices the difference.

That run is pretty much everything you love about Adrian Peterson. He hits the hole, and if some poor soul feels confident enough to get in his way. . .well, they generally learn that's not the smartest thing to do.

Patrick Peterson is probably going to be a hell of a cornerback in the NFL. . .but that guy isn't bringing down Adrian Peterson on his own.