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Check Out DN's Appearance On Bear Claws Radio This Evening

Last season, yours truly got on the interwebs with the folks from Bear Claws Radio to talk about the match-ups between the Chicago Bears and your Minnesota Vikings. Well, with our first Minnesota/Chicago clash of the season just around the corner, I will be jumping on with them this evening at around 8:35 PM Central time as well.

I don't think they'll let me on before that, but you never know because (insert incredibly witty one-liner about false starts right here).

You can either listen by hitting the link up there at the top, or by listening through this handy-dandy little media player provided by the good folks at Blog Talk Radio. If you want to listen to the rest of their show, they kick things off at 8 PM Central, but I've been told to call in at 8:35. So, you can either listen to the whole show, or just listen to me. . .but, in any case, you should be listening.

Listen to internet radio with Papa Bear Jeff on Blog Talk Radio