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Light Bulb Appears To Go On For Governor Dayton

Well, after we've been pounding this fact for a few months now, it appears that Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton is seeing the light as it pertains to the Vikings' stadium situation.

"If we don't act in some way and get a stadium project going, it's unrealistic in my opinion to think that we are not going to face competition for the team in the near future," Dayton said.

Welcome to the bandwagon, Governor. . .plenty of room on board at this point.

Don't get me wrong. . .I'm not taking credit for the Governor finally having this epiphany in any way. My guess is that the Governor doesn't know that this site even exists. But we have been pounding that fact for an extended period of time. The Vikings have five more games in Minnesota before they, essentially, hit the free agent market, and have made it abundantly clear that any further play at the Metrodome is going to be a short-term solution, not a long-term one.

The bad part? According to the story, the Governor has not ruled out the possibility of a stadium in downtown Minneapolis, even though to this point there has been absolutely zero indication that there is any Minneapolis-based proposal that shows that anybody has their proverbial fecal matter in some sort of organized collection.

But with the stadium proposal having dodged the referendum in Ramsey County earlier this week and the Governor getting the gist that this whole thing needs to happen sooner rather than later, hopefully things will start happening.