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Minnesota Vikings Send Letter To All Minnesota Legislature Members

The Minnesota Vikings have sent a response to all the members of the Minnesota Legislature concerning the latest developments in the stadium situation. You can read the PDF right here. A lot of good stuff in there that should make sense to the men and women running the state of Minnesota.

Some of the highlights:

  • The Vikings feel that it's time to move forward with the project ASAP, as a one-year delay could add another $46 million to the cost.
  • The team thinks that the schedule they have proposed is achievable, and believe they have found someone to clean up the site.
  • Interest rates are incredibly low right now, and the savings from those interest rates can used to handle any funding shortfalls that might occur.
  • The Council has identified the potential for $76 million in savings that could lower the overall cost of the project.

Again, it looks like things are moving the right direction here. Hopefully we'll be hearing about a special session in the near future. . .that would be a huge positive, because I'd like to think that a special session wouldn't be called for if the stadium legislation wasn't a lock to pass.