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Sunday Games Open Thread

Hey gang.  With the Vikes kickoff still almost 12 hours away, we've got a lot of football...and game 6 of the National League Championship Series, if you're so talk about until then.  So consider this an open thread to chat about the games, talk about how your fantasy team and players are doing, talk about the Cards-Brewers game, just talk.

Err, type.  You know what I mean.

There are 7 early games:

Carolina @ Atlanta:  I grabbed Cam Newton as my league's 'Mr. Irrelevant' in our fantasy draft.  I almost grabbed McNabb.  Threfore, I am a genius.  Newton gets 30+ fantasy points, Atlanta wins.

Indianapolis @ Cincinnati:  How's this for 'Fantasy matchup you'd normally be dreading but are now looking forward to':  I have the Bengals defense, and I think they're going to embarrass the Colts.  How many times in our life have we said that while being serious? 

San Fran @ Detroit:  9-1 combined record.  Wow.  I'm getting on board the Lions bandwagon, but all I could get was a standing room only ticket.

St. Louis @ Green Bay:  Two of St. Louis' three professional sports teams are in Wisconsin this weekend, if you consider the Rams 'professional'.  Go Cardinals

Buffalo @ NY Giants:  Go Fred Jackson!  (He's on my fantasy team...which is really kicking ass this year).

Jacksonville @ Pittsburgh:  Does anyone think the Jags will win in Pittsburgh?  Jack Del Rio doesn't count, because he's a dead coach walking.

Philly @ Wash:  From Dream Team to Scream Team...and Shanahan was right to trade McNabb.  Damn.  I'll take the Politically Incorrect Native Americans.

There are 4 late games:

Houston @ Baltimore:  The guy I'm playing in fantasy football has Joe Flacco and Ray Rice.  Go Texans!

Cleveland @ Oakland:  This is Cleveland's 13th year as their expansion reincarnation.  They've sucked for 12, and the old Browns won a Super Bowl and have been pretty good as the Baltimore Ravens.  Build the damn stadium in Arden Hills so this isn't our fate. 

Dallas @ NE:  I have Wes Welker and Stephen Gostkowski on my fantasy team.  Also, the Cowboys can suck my remote control.  Go Patriots!

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay:  I like both teams, and there are no fantasy football implications for me.  I'll take Josh Freeman to win in the last minute, like he seems to do every week.

NLCS Game 6:  Cards @ Brewers:  Edwin Jackson gets the start for St. Louis, Shaun (dead arm) Marcum for Milwaukee.  The Brewers are tough at home, but St. Louis is on a roll that I haven't seen since the 1991 Twins.  If it was 3-2 Milwaukee, it would be next to impossible for the Cards to win it.  But it's 3-2 Cards, and the only light of my sports life continues to shine bright.  I think the Cards win today and close it out.  Besides, Wisconsin has enough sports karma going for them right now.

Enjoy your Sports Sunday, DN!