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Minnesota Vikings At Chicago Bears - Second Half Open Thread

TURTLE TURTLE TURTLE!  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
TURTLE TURTLE TURTLE! (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Hey, remember when we thought this game was going to be competitive? You know, like an hour and a half ago or so?

This is just what the Vikings do in Sunday night games, it appears. The Bears' passing offense was in the bottom quarter of the NFL coming into this one, but Jay Cutler and company have ripped the Minnesota Vikings thus far this evening. The Bears' rush defense was pretty terrible coming into this one, but the Vikings haven't been able to get Adrian Peterson on track in this one.

The result is a 26-3 halftime deficit, and a game in which the Minnesota Vikings haven't even looked remotely competitive.

I'd hold out hope that the Vikings can turn it around in the second half, but from what I've seen this far, there's no reason for me to believe this is going to be the case.

At least Ted is happy, it would appear. . .the Cardinals appear to be poised to move on to the World Series as they're playing Home Run Derby with the Milwaukee Brewers. (Oh, no, something bad might happen to a sports team from Wisconsin! The humanity of it all!)

So, here we are for the second half. Try to enjoy it, ladies and gentlemen.