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Christian Ponder Will Start Sunday Against Green Bay

Ladies and's Ponder time.
Ladies and's Ponder time.

According to the Star Tribune and other outlets, rookie QB Christian Ponder will start Sunday for the Vikings against Green Bay.  Originally, the plan was to start Donovan McNabb for one year and let Ponder learn while a steady veteran could lead the Vikings in 2011, but that didn't work out so well.

Things unraveled early for McNabb as a Viking, as he had only 39 yards passing in the opener at San Diego, and it didn't get much better from there.  The Vikings stumbled to an 0-4 start, but a win over Arizona bough what most of us thought would be two more games against division rivals Chicago and Green Bay.

And although a 1-5 start can't be solely put at McNabb's feet, his performance did not improve throughout the first six games, and he seemed disinterested, at best, during the beatdown at the hands of the Bears.  Ponder was inserted early in the fourth quarter, and the offense showed more spark in 14 minutes than it had at almost any point during the season.

So, grab your gjallahorn and let the word go out:  Let the Ponder era begin!