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Where I Clarify A Bit About What I Said Yesterday

Yesterday, I said that the Vikings should cut Donovan McNabb if they did not find a taker for him prior to the NFL's trading deadline, which passed today. A couple of folks thought that was a little on the harsh side. . .after all, McNabb, while not being great or anything like that, probably hasn't done enough to get a visit from the turk.

Those people are probably right, I'll grant you. Let me clarify a little more than I did yesterday.

My suggestion to cut Donovan McNabb was based on the supposition by me that McNabb would not take well to being the "mentor" for Christian Ponder on the Vikings sidelines. It's entirely possible that this supposition is completely incorrect. . .that was just the impression that I had gotten from McNabb from watching him over the years. After all, this is the second year in a row that a team has brought him in to be their starter, only to bench him for a different option.

If Donovan McNabb is willing to try to impart some wisdom on young Ponder rather than pout on the sidelines about being yanked for the team's quarterback of the future, then by all means, the Vikings should keep him around.

But if he's not. . .then, yes, you cut him. There's really nothing to lose by cutting him in that situation.

I should have been more specific about this yesterday, and I was not. . .for that, I apologize.