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Jared Allen Gets Another Samsung Game Ball Of The Week

Remember last week when I promised to be more consistent about doing polls for the whole "Game Ball of the Week" thing?

Well, at least I'm consistent in my inconsistency. Or something.

Yours truly has spent most of the past three days. . .and will spend most of the next two days. . .running around in chemical warfare gear, so my time for actually writing anything has been a bit scarce. But, we need to present another Samsung Game Ball of the Week, even in the face of a blowout loss, so let's go with one of the guys that made one of Minnesota's few impact plays on Sunday night.

Jared Allen registered his ninth consecutive game with a sack on Sunday night, and it was a big one. The Bears got the ball first after halftime, and on their fourth play, Allen game flying around the edge and got to Jay Cutler, knocking the ball out of his hands. Allen recovered the fumble himself, and the Vikings were set up on the Chicago 44-yard line. The subsequent drive led to the Vikings' lone touchdown of the night, as Adrian Peterson scored from four yards out to cut the deficit to 26-10.


The sack by Allen increased his NFL-leading total to 9.5 sacks, and was by far the biggest play that any Vikings player made during the game. That's good enough for me to give #69 the game ball for this past Sunday night's game.