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Check Out The Vikings' Power Play Of The Week

You know, I liked that play that I mentioned by Jared Allen so much, let's make it the Vikings' Power Play of the Week for this week, too.

Keep an eye on #69 on this one.

Most of Jared Allen's critics. . .who still look really dumb since he's still leading the NFL in sacks, by the way. . .have this weird insistence that Allen only has one move, and when that move doesn't work, he basically gets shut down.

Well, from taking a look at this play, we can see that that's clearly not true. Allen starts by attempting to take Webb to the inside, but to Webb's credit, he gets a pretty good initial block in. However, the relentless nature of Allen shows through in this one, as he just continues to fight the Bears' left tackle and eventually gets his way around him.

Because, as Cris Collinsworth points out, Jay Cutler was holding the ball so far away from his body, the ball became a prime target for Allen on this one. He knocks the ball out of Cutler's hand and, before Cutler is really aware of what's happening, Allen is on top of the ball for a Minnesota turnover.

Allen showed some significant power on this play. . .one of the few occasions on the night where anybody wearing a white jersey did so. . .as so he gets the nod for the Power Play of the Week on this one.