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Vikings CB Chris Cook Arrested For Domestic Assault; Will Miss Sunday's Game

EDIT: According to Jeremy Fowler of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, one of the charges against Cook is a felony domestic violence/strangulation charge.

If it isn't too early, I think I would like to volunteer to drive the "cut him now" bandwagon if any of this stuff turns out to be true.

Yep. . .things just keep getting better in Minnesota.

According to Pro Football Talk, and confirmed by ESPN 1500's Tom Pelissero, Minnesota Vikings' cornerback Chris Cook was arrested at 4:06 am Saturday morning on two counts of domestic assault. He is being held in the Hennepin County Jail without bail, and won't get out until he has a hearing. That hearing will not take place until Monday, which means that he's out for Sunday's game.

Cook is looking at two misdemeanor counts. . .one for domestic assault and one for intentional attempts to inflict bodily harm on another.

So, from a football standpoint, the Vikings get to go into this one without their two best cornerbacks in Cook and Antoine Winfield, and (likely) without one of their two top safeties in Jamarca Sanford.

From a non-football standpoint, why the hell do people not understand that, in general, nothing good happens after midnight? What the hell are you doing out at four o'clock in the damn morning the day before a game? Seriously, I don't understand it. I get that these guys are adults and everything, but if you can't handle the responsibility, then man. . .just stay home or something.

The consensus is that we're pretty well screwed tomorrow as it is. This doesn't help.