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Where We Argue/Debate/Rage Over "To Punt Or Not To Punt"

For starters, if you had told me before this one started that we'd be arguing about a last-second coaching decision rather than how badly we got slaughtered, I would have been pretty happy. Hell, I'm still pretty happy. But since this is the only thing that anyone is going to be talking about. . .well, in the near-term, anyway. . .we could just as well devote a post to it.

With a little more than two and a half minutes left in the football game, the Vikings were looking at 4th-and-10 from their own 36-yard line. They had all three of their time outs remaining, as well as the two-minute warning.

Leslie Frazier elected to punt. The rest, as they say, is history. . .the Vikings didn't get a stop, and they eventually ran out of time.

My take? Leslie Frazier made the right call.

In that situation, if you go for it on 4th-and-10 and you don't make it, the other team is already in field goal range. After all, their kicker had already hit one from 58. Frazier elected to try to pin them deep and relied on his defense to make a stop.

You don't make decisions like this based on what happened afterwards. You base it on the information you have at the time. And after the 10-minute mark or so of the third quarter. . .the Packers really didn't move the ball very much, and the Vikings' severely undermanned defense actually performed pretty well.

But, this isn't about what I think. . .this is about what you all think. Do you agree with the decision that Leslie Frazier made at the end of the game?